2003 – ongoing

Living Lenses, exhibited in a TV and Appliance Store 2004

My great interest in how and what art can be and/or do in our late times, have manifested itself in a number of experiments over the years with exhibition spaces, as well as spaces for art production - both physical and non-physical. Sometimes I refer to this as my Space Program :)

The first concept I called 8sq m. It simply stated that the floor of the art space should be of this size, or smaller. The premiere edition of 8sq m was conveniently located inside my then gallery space (octava).

After that I have tried a number of conceptual exhibition formats, e.g. shop window installations, interactive installations, non-commissioned public art, interactive galleries, i.e. Konstkur or Tape Gallery, web-based projects/exhibitions etc.

The Plan3 project also was part of the space investigation, as well as do-store in Malmö.

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